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With designers from all areas of fashion at our disposal, CAD for Fashion Studio offers a CAD drawing and illustration services based on your requirements. A high quality CAD drawing can be a powerful sales tool, not to mention a faster and more efficient way to present your ideas to your team/buyer/customer/factory etc. We can create beautiful, industry standard CAD drawings of your designs, from your basic sketches, photographs or garments. With the option of full colour, detailed flat drawings of your designs, ready to present to buyers, clients or suppliers, or a perfectly proportioned technical drawing to send to a Factory or Pattern Cutter. We can help you, to help them, to see your design as you do, and to its full potential.

With some high profile clients such as menswear brand Holland Esquire, award winning womenswear designer Fazane Malik and Fazane Fox – Production Lab we have experience in multi product design and illustration.