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One of the trickiest aspects of being a designer, maker or brand owner? Finding suppliers you can trust. That’s why we were super-pleased to discover GB Labels; a friendly neighbourhood branding specialist just round the corner from the CAD For Fashion Derby studio. 

GB Labels is a family team of weaving experts with around 50 years of experience between them. Peter Gregory started the business decades ago and has now passed the reins over to sons Luke and Jason Gregory. 

Along with the rest of the team, Jason and Luke provide branding products to some of the biggest companies in the world. But their signature range of woven labels, cotton labels, swing tickets and ribbon has found cult status amongst the Instagram makers community too. 

We caught up with Jason to ask him six quickfire questions. Here’s what he had to say… 

GB Labels Team

Hey Jason, firstly, why is branding so important?

“If you think about those huge household names, they all have that memorable logo and identifiable colour palette. This is something even the smallest brands can replicate.

Branding matters because it’s the one thing that instantly makes you stand out from competitors. Whether that’s at a trade fair such as Top Drawer or on a shelf in a local boutique such as Design at 44.”

What products should every small business have?

“The branding products you choose need to elevate your brand and make it look professional and consistent. A woven label or cotton label adds quality, a swing ticket is something your customers can linger over, ribbon shows them you lovingly wrap each order and a wash care label is something you need to be transparent with your customers.

Probably the most common mistake we come across is designers buying bulk labels after a quick Google search then being disappointed with the quality. My tip would be to do your research because your branding should always be high quality and well-crafted. It represents your brand after all!”

Woven Labels

Where do you source your products from?

“Our office is based in Derby, that’s where we store all the labels. In a secret studio in Wales, you’ll find our state of the art loom. Most of our product range is made there which is why we describe ourselves as ‘beautifully British’.

But it’s important we’re transparent with our customers. We aren’t fussed where a product comes from as long as it’s the best quality and made responsibly. So if we need to source an element from overseas, we’ll let our customers know. 

We also try to be sustainable where we can. People may assume having branding products creates waste. However, our cotton products are kind to the planet, our swing tickets can be made from recyclable cardboard and things like ribbon can have hundreds of uses after they are used for the first time. It’s about doing what feels right for your business”

GB Labels
GB labels – Woven Labels

How do you help brands achieve branding success?

“We work with all types of brands. From film studios and fashion houses to student designers and startups based in garden sheds. 

There’s room for all sorts of creativity and entrepreneurship within the industry, but it’s how you present and market your products that’s important. Unfortunately, branding is probably one of the main things a designer forgets. You wouldn’t believe how many calls we get hours before fashion week!

Luckily nurturing new talent, student designers and side hustlers is something we really enjoy. You don’t have to know anything about branding to place an order with us. We offer free sample packs, regular discount codes, a logo design service – and we’re always on the other end of the phone when you need advice.”

Where are some of the more unusual places your woven labels appear?

“You may think branding is all about every day clothing labels, but you’d be surprised. Our labels end up on dog collars, tents, bicycles, wedding dresses, racing cars, sofas… the list is endless! We even started a hashtag #ShareYourLabel to keep track of where all our products end up.”

What’s the best thing about being a family-run business?

“Unlike companies based overseas or bigger garment label factories, we’re always able to offer the personal touch and guide a designer through the label ordering process step by step. And of course, we’re always honoured to work with prestigious names, which we do on a daily basis. 

Mainly we really enjoy seeing people’s reactions when they see their label for the first time. This is because often it’s a major step forward for their brand or signifies a poignant event like their first trade show or graduation from a fashion design course. 

That’s probably why we love our Instagram community so much. There’s lots of talent out there and the future is bright for independent brands.”

Follow GB Labels on Instagram or get in touch via their website. And keep an eye on their social media for some exciting updates coming soon…